You Can Do Something 2023 Campaign Registration

Arizona State University is committed to cultivating a community of care where everyone contributes to a safe and healthy environment. Everyone has been in a situation where they helped someone in need, and everyone has been in a situation where they needed help and didn’t get it. The presence of individual leadership and shared responsibility is the key to a thriving community. Our positive actions, big and small, can create a community where all individuals feel safe and supported. You might not change the outcome of every situation every time but believe in your ability to positively impact the lives of your peers and your community. You can do something.

The You Can Do Something campaign seeks to equip ASU community members with the skills and knowledge to serve as empowered bystanders. Empowered bystanders step into situations and intervene in the hopes of preventing harm to create a community of care where all Sun Devils can thrive.

The campaign will occur from August 21 – September 29, 2023. Please complete the web form below to register to participate and serve as a student leader in the campaign.

After completing and submitting the web form, you will begin to receive weekly email communications with invitations to attend live events with your peers, engage in social media activism, participate in educational workshops on bystander empowerment, have the opportunity to receive giveaways, and more.