We encourage you to expand your knowledge about sexual violence, relationship violence, sexual harassment and stalking. The following web pages provide relevant information on how to build a safer community, take responsibility for yourself and others, and respond appropriately to those harmed. Education is critical. Knowledge empowers individuals and communities to change.

Crime Prevention Safety Tips: The ASU Police Crime Prevention Unit offers general safety tips.

Healthy Relationships: ASU Wellness provides information, education, and resources on healthy relationships.

Safety: The university offers education and multiple resources to ensure that all members of the university are safe and secure.

Sexual Violence Information: ASU Wellness provides information, education, and resources on sexual violence

What to do if you have experienced sexual violence: ASU Wellness provides a guide to help you find the information and support you may need for safety, medical, legal, counseling, and other considerations.

If someone you know has experienced sexual violence: ASU Wellness provides information on how to support a victim of sexual assault.

Take action to raise awareness about sexual violence: Learn about steps you can take, big and small, to raise awareness.

Take action to stop sexual violence in its tracks: The perpetrator is the only one who can truly prevent sexual assault. However, the following actions can help to reduce the risk of potentially harmful situations.

Threatening Behavior: This safety information is intended to assist in one’s knowing when behavior has become threatening/violent and when a referral to an appropriate office is warranted.