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Confidential support

Sexual misconduct is a complex and painful experience which often requires a combination of legal, medical, psychological and academic information. Victims and survivors may wish to have a confidential conversation about their options and what steps they would like to take next. There are resources both on and off campus that offer confidential support. Please note, accessing confidential resources does not mean a report has been filed. You can find more information about reporting the incident in the Resources section.

On campus confidential resources

ASU Health Services is currently offering in-person and Telehealth appointments, both of which can be scheduled through the My Health PortalASU Counseling Services currently offers mental health support to students through Tele-mental health and in-person appointments. The ASU Employee Assistance Office provides virtual counseling and wellness workshops for faculty and staff.


If you are an ASU Online student, please view the ASU Online Student section of our Resources webpage to learn more about the resources available to you.


Campus confidential resources

Hotlines and websites