Maricopa County Family Advocacy Centers

Maricopa County Family Advocacy Centers

Distance from ASU campuses

Following an experience of sexual or domestic violence, you may wish to seek out a medical forensic exam in order to collect evidence and receive follow-up care. Every state, and even sometimes individual counties, have a different process for when and where medical forensic exams are offered. 

In the state of Arizona, each county has a different process for where the exams are offered. In Maricopa County, HonorHealth Forensic nursing services holds a contract with the County Attorney’s office to offer free, trauma-informed medical exams within five days or 120 hours of the assault conducted by specially trained nurses, regardless of whether or not the assault is reported to the police. The exams take place at Family Advocacy Centers in order to ensure the safety of the victim or survivor.

Please view the chart below to see the distance, in miles, from the following ASU campuses and the available Maricopa County Family Advocacy Centers. 

Maricopa County Family Advocacy Center Downtown Phoenix Tempe West Polytechnic
Mesa Center Against Family Violence 19 6.2 33 21
Phoenix Family Advocacy Center 1.6 11 15 38
Scottsdale Family Advocacy Center 23 15 27 37
Glendale Family Advocacy Center 11 21 5.2 47
Chandler Family Advocacy Center 24.2 13.2 38.1 11.6
Southwest Family Advocacy Center 20 29.4 24.3 53.6


The closest family advocacy center to each ASU campus is listed below:

  • Downtown Phoenix: Phoenix Family Advocacy Center
  • Tempe: Mesa Center Against Family Violence
  • West: Phoenix Family Advocacy Center
  • Polytechnic: Mesa Center Against Family Violence

For students attending Arizona State University at Lake Havasu, Washington DC, or the California Center in Los Angeles, please visit the resource section on the Resources page for more information about local resources.