myPlan App

This resource is a free and confidential tool for assessing relational health between romantic and intimate partners. The app was designed for users to answer questions about their own relationship, or a friend or family member who is in a relationship that seems unsafe.

Download the myPlan app in the Apple iOS Store or in the Android Google Play Store.

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What is the myPlan app?

The app is research-based and uses an intervention that combines risk assessment with the app user’s priorities. The app:

  • Measures for abusive and dangerous relationship behaviors informed by evidence-based assessments.
  • Provides an interactive priorities activity to consider factors that impact relationship decisions.
  • Includes a tailored safety plan with unique strategies based on the app user’s needs.

In addition to providing the tailored safety plan, the app now includes a feature for app users to connect directly to the National Domestic Violence Hotline by phone or chat, and find local resources such as legal help, domestic violence shelters and mental health. The app is free, private, and helps users ensure they are in a relationship where their safety is considered a priority. Individuals not currently in a relationship may still want to download the app to learn more about healthy relationships and recognizing dangerous behaviors.

To learn more about myPlan, visit the myPlan website, or follow myPlan on Instagram or Facebook.


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How does the myPlan app support victims and survivors?

The myPlan app is a way for individuals impacted by abuse to evaluate their personal safety and connect with helpful information, people and resources. The app offers support by condensing complex information and helping individuals in need of safety planning begin to understand signs of danger and how their safety could be impacted in the immediate future.


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What to expect when using the myPlan app

The myPlan app provides assistance with making complicated decisions and offers app users a chance to explore their relationship experiences privately. Those who are concerned about a friend or family member can also use the app to learn about signs of danger and how to safely help. The app is excellent for finding resources such as national websites, chatlines and special populations services such as LGBTQ.