ASU Hotline

877-SUN-DEVL (877-786-3385)

What is the ASU Hotline?


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The ASU Hotline is a 24-hour accessible telephone and web-based service that provides support for 175 different languages. This hotline promotes a safe, secure and ethical environment for all Sun Devils and university guests. The ASU Hotline is not an emergency service or a connection to 911. You can choose to report concerns, crimes, breaches of the student code of conduct, via this hotline and you can choose to do so anonymously or not. 


How does the ASU Hotline serve ASU community members?


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The ASU Hotline allows victims and survivors to make anonymous reports of their experiences of violence. Once a report is made, the report will be sent to the appropriate office. The office which most oversees the policies pertaining to the report will then conduct a fact-finding investigation. The report will be closed if no basis for the complaint is found, but if basis for the complaint is found then the Student Rights and Responsibilities or University Rights and Responsibilities (whichever is applicable) processes for investigation are followed. Updates on submitted hotline reports can be available online or by phone, if the report was not made anonymously. 


What to expect when connecting with the ASU Hotline


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It is your choice how you report, if you even choose to do so, and it is understandable if you prefer to remain anonymous when making a report of sexual or relationship violence. However, it is important to note that ASU’s ability to respond to, and provide updates on, anonymous reports may be limited based on the information available and provided. You may reach out to the ASU Hotline 24 hours a day at 877-786-3385 or file a report online