Student Advocacy and Assistance

This resource is private, but not confidential.
Contact Student Advocacy and Assistance through the Dean of Students Office:
Monday - Friday from 8 - 5 pm

What is Student Advocacy and Assistance?

This private resource can be a helpful first step in learning more about the resources available to all students as they provide assistance across a diverse set of experiences and concerns. Student Advocacy and Assistance (SAA) works to provide support to students whenever they may be experiencing difficulties such as, academic probation, sexual assault, illness, domestic and relationship violence, grief, loss and more. SAA strives to provide guidance, explain relevant policies and procedures, connect students to applicable university and community resources, all while respecting students' rights to privacy within the confines of the law and university policy.


 How does Student Advocacy and Assistance support ASU students?

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Even during difficult times, students should be empowered with the resources to make informed decisions. Student Advocacy and Assistance works with students to not only explain applicable community and university resources, but can help students find support to assist with their continued academic success. For example, this could mean letters of absence to professors, changing of course schedules and more.

SAA is a private resource. Personnel within this office are mandatory reporters who only share information with other university offices and officials who need to be involved in providing support or assisting with the reporting process. Though they are not a confidential resource, SAA can be a good first step if you are feeling unsure about next steps or how to seek support. As a reminder, there are other confidential resources available whom you can utilize.


What to expect when connecting with Student Advocacy and Assistance

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If you reach out to SAA, it will be via the Dean of Students Office where you can request to be connected with Student Advocacy and Assistance. SAA may also be reaching out to you due to a referral they received suggesting that you could benefit from additional support. SAA will work to connect with you as soon as possible, within 48 business hours, via a phone call or email to schedule an appointment via phone, Zoom or any of our campus locations.

In your first meeting an SAA team member will go over campus and community resources available to assist you. There are a number of ways to report concerns and to get needed information, support and resources. You are encouraged to report any potential crime to law enforcement and any emergency by calling 911. If this is an emergency please call 911.

The SAA team is available to answer questions about your options, processes, and resources; ensure an appropriate investigation is made; and to provide guidance and referrals, based on your specific needs and concerns. Retaliation of any kind against individuals who report concerns or who participate in an investigation process is prohibited by University policy.