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The Sexual and Relationship Violence Program provides online education, educational presentations, program consultations, and interactive information tables at events hosted on campus.

Consultations are recommended for groups who are in the planning stages of an event related to sexual and relationship violence so that trained peer educators or staff can provide more information about effective strategies for addressing these topics with college students.

Interactive information tables can be offered at large-scale university events such as information fairs, Welcome Week events, and general events. Peer educators will table at the event and will plan an interactive activity to engage your event participants in discussions around sexual violence. 

Presentations can be offered as a one-time presentation, multi-session prevention program, or all-day training.


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Online Education

ASU offers a variety of online programs designed to engage students in a learning experience focused on topics such as, sexual violence, community expectations related to interpersonal behavior, and healthy relationships. These programs are available to students, faculty, and staff.“If you are a faculty, staff or student organization leader and would like to discuss how to integrate online programs into your curriculum, student employment program or organization, email

Community of Care

The Community of Care is a series of videos that introduces you to the ASU community expectations and code of conduct.

  • “The Sun Devil Way”
  • ASU’s Code of Conduct
  • ASU’s policies on alcohol and drugs
  • How sexual violence impacts college students
  • ASU’s expectations of academic integrity
  • How to support members of the ASU community who may be struggling
  • Resources that are available to support you

The Everfi Violence Prevention program is an online education program designed to enhance awareness of sexual violence, intimate partner violence and stalking and their impact on college students. The content addresses the importance of consent and respect in sexual situations, prevention and risk reduction strategies, and critical information on what to do if you or someone you know has experienced sexual or intimate partner violence and/or stalking.

Culture and Interpersonal Relationships

This training is for international students and covers a wide range of relevant topics, including

  • Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Relationship Violence and Stalking, and where students can turn for help should any of these occur
  • Consent, and its key role in relationships in the US
  • LGBTQ-related terms and issues
  • American culture, and how Americans’ perceptions of freedoms and rights inform thinking around dating, consent, sex and interpersonal violence

Look for signs is a video designed to explore the bystander phenomenon in more depth by providing students with concrete examples of when they might be able to step into different situations to prevent harm. This program was designed and produced by the Counteract Initiative.


The ASU Sexual and Relationship Violence Program offers a variety of educational presentations and workshops for students, faculty and staff. Below is a sample of the presentations we offer. If you are not seeing what you are looking for, or would like to discuss a tailored presentation for your group, email

Bringing in the Bystander is an evidence-based curriculum developed by researchers, public health professionals, and social workers. This program focuses on educating participants about the many ways sexual and relationship violence can manifest and provides historical information about how bystanders can be impactful in creating change. Participants will learn about the continuum of violence and the importance of understanding identity in preventing and responding to sexual violence, strategies for confronting harmful words and actions that contribute to violence, and skills to build empathy for victims and survivors.

Exploring Healthy Relationships is a workshop that was created for students by students and is presented by peer educators. This fun and interactive workshop takes students through a series of activities to examine their relationship and determine their non-negotiables and values. This presentation will help students develop strategies for communication and skills for setting boundaries.

Escalation is a compelling film that tells the story of an abusive relationship - from its sweet beginnings to a tragic end. The authentic depiction of unhealthy behaviors escalating into abuse helps people recognize and understand the early signs of relationship abuse.

In the Moment: Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence

In the Moment: Supporting Survivor of Sexual Assault educates participants on the biopsychosocial impacts of trauma on the victim/survivor as well as issues regarding survivor identity. Participants are given basic skills for offering psychological support to survivors, including active listening strategies. The goal of this presentation is to provide participants with practical tools that empower them and increase their confidence in talking to and offering the peer-level support that survivors will benefit from most. This presentation is facilitated by professional staff.

Door Three looks at the challenges of being friends with someone in an unhealthy relationship. In the film, Emery and Indigo try to figure out how to help Dae, who resists their support while being in an unhealthy relationship for two years.

Amor del bueno is a riveting and relatable 15-minute film written and produced by two former One Love Teen Ambassadors. The film portrays a high school aged Latinx couple going through an abusive relationship. While Julio and Mariana’s relationship may look like amor del bueno or real love on the surface, this film shows how their unhealthy relationship unfolds, providing a jumping off point for a conversation about the 10 Signs of a Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship.

Social media can skew our view of the relationships around us and influence our decision to stay in unhealthy ones. This workshop is your go-to for educating about digital consent and social media.