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Title IX Coordinator

If you are unsure what to do in a situation where sexual misconduct may have occurred, you can contact the Title IX Coordinator.  You can also file a formal complaint of Title IX sexual harassment with the Title IX Coordinator. View the ASU Title IX Statement for more information on policies and procedures related to Title IX.

This page provides information about filing a formal complaint of Title IX sexual harassment. If a complaint does not fall under Title IX sexual harassment, it is possible that it may fall under another policy such as, the Student Code of Conduct, ACD 401, or ACD 402. To learn more about the different reporting avenues available, view the Title IX Reporting Guide for Student Conduct and the Title IX Reporting Guide for Employee Conduct.

What is the process for a formal complaint?

The interim grievance process for formal complaints of Title IX harassment are posted at https://provost.asu.edu/policies/procedures/p20a

If you wish to file a formal complaint of Title IX sexual harassment, here are the steps you should take:

Where to file?
You can file your written document with your signature at TitleIXCoordinator@asu.edu  or email to request an appointment with the Title IX Coordinator in person.

What happens?
You will be contacted to verify your intent to file a formal complaint of Title IX sexual harassment. The respondent is notified of the complaint and each party has the opportunity to provide any information for review.

Both parties have a right to:

  • A notice of the facts and allegations
  • Gather and present evidence to an investigator
  • Receive and review all evidence gathered during the investigation
  • Receive a copy of the investigative report
  • Attend a live hearing
  • Have an advisor of your choice who will cross examine witnesses

What if I only want resources?

Resources are available with or without a Title IX formal complaint. For students, please contact Student Advocacy and Assistance.