Get Involved

ASU offers many opportunities for students to take action to build a safe and respectful community. We encourage you to determine how you want to make a lasting impact. Together, we can change the future.


Sun Devil MVP

Sun Devil Movement for Violence Prevention (MVP)

MVP is a student organization in affiliation with the ASU Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention Program. We are composed of peer educators, whose core mission is to provide sexual and relationship violence prevention education and engage the community in involvement opportunities. Sign up and follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Sun Devil Support Network (SDSN)

Students in SDSN are members of the ASU community trained to work with survivors of sexual assault on a variety of fronts. These students can provide support and information about legal, medical, and psychological resources available on and off campus. View the current list of students who have completed the training for SDSN. Sign up for more information.


Sexual Violence Prevention Leadership Program

The Sexual Violence Prevention Leadership Program (SVLP) seeks to help emerging leaders understand their role in preventing violence on a community scale. Through group discussion, skill building activities and self-reflection, this program provides students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to prevent harmful acts and behaviors, support victims and survivors and be empowered bystanders. To participate in this program, complete the Sexual Violence Prevention Leadership Program registration form.

Devils 4 Devils

Devils 4 Devils is ASU’s student-led solution to fostering an emotionally healthy campus where students support students through good times and bad. Through enhanced training, students who are part of Devils 4 Devils use their skills to raise awareness about mental health, be an even more supportive friend, and work to create an emotionally healthy community at ASU.

Devils in the Bedroom

Devils in the Bedroom

Devils in the Bedroom sexual wellness peer educators provide information and resources to the ASU community about sexual health and wellness and consent in a sex-positive manner. Members of this student organization are trained in sex-positive education, principles and standards of practice for health promotion in higher education and diversity. Learn more about Devils in the Bedroom at Contact for more information.

One Love

Team One Love

Team One Love raises awareness about the warning signs of abusive relationships. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the United States will experience an abusive relationship in their lifetime. One Love empowers students to take action in the movement to lower the statistics.

Counter Act

CounterAct Student Organization

CounterAct centers arts-based approaches to ending sexual violence. CounterAct students believe that cultural problems need cultural solutions. The spectrum of sexual violence can manifest within brief encounters, everyday conversations, and close relationships. CounterAct offers a trauma-responsive creative practice where they co-create strategies for stepping up for each other, communicating desire and boundaries, nurturing healthy relationships, and supporting survivors.