Frequently Asked Questions

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What is sexual violence?

What if I consent to some sexual activity, but then say no to other sexual activity; can there still be an assault?

Can I be assaulted by my boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, spouse, or acquaintance?

What are date rape drugs?

What is the relationship between alcohol and sexual violence?

What if someone is incapable of giving consent but still gives signs of consent to sexual activity?

What are examples of conduct that may constitute sexual harassment?


What is the university’s policy on sexual violence?

What is Title IX and who does it protect?

What are possible discipline/sanctions in relation to a violation of university discrimination policies?

Does the university have a policy that addresses “excused absences” for pregnant students?

Getting Help

What can I do if I or someone I know is a victim of sexual violence?


What if I am assaulted in another country while on a university-sponsored study abroad program?

I was assaulted by someone of the same gender. Should I report it?

What are the benefits of reporting an incident of sexual violence to the police?

How do I make a complaint if I have been sexually harassed or assaulted by another student?

What if I have a sexual violence complaint against a faculty or staff member?

Does it matter when I report the incident?

I was assaulted by another ASU student. I have already reported this to the local police. Do I also have to file a complaint with ASU?

What if I don’t want to file a police report?

If I don’t want to go through the university judicial process after filing my complaint do I have to participate?

Can I file a complaint with the University if the incident occurred off campus?

What if I don’t agree with the decision by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities?

What happens if an appeal is filed?

What rights do I have if I am accused of sexual misconduct?

What rights do I have in the student disciplinary process if I am the Complainant?

What if I am found responsible for violating the student code’s provisions prohibiting sexual misconduct?

I am afraid to report what happened because I am concerned about what will happen to me.

Can I seek help if I want to keep information about what happened confidential?

What if I am underage but was intoxicated at the time of the assault – will I get charged with underage drinking if I file a report?

If I have been assaulted by a student, how will I be protected while the investigation is taking place?

If I report being sexually assaulted by someone living in or near my residence hall, will I have to move?

What if I want to make an anonymous report?

What if I do not want anything done?

Medical Concerns

What will happen if I go to the hospital; what medical care do I need?

What do I need to know about the forensic exam?

What do I do if I suspect I’ve been drugged and assaulted?

What actions can I take to reduce the risk of being drugged?

Faculty Staff

What are my obligations if I know of a student or faculty/staff member who has been sexually harassed or subjected to sexual violence by a faculty/staff member?

I am an ASU employee and am not a licensed health care provider. A student confided in me that he/she was sexually assaulted by another student. What should I do?

If an ASU faculty, staff or student was subjected to sexual violence by someone of the same gender, should I report it?

What if I learn about the sexual violence or sexual harassment outside of my regular work hours, or at an event that is not associated with the university?

What if I receive the report from a third party, such as a friend of the victim?

If I have been assaulted by someone affiliated with ASU, how will I be protected while the investigation is taking place?

Can I seek help if I want to keep information about what happened confidential?

I am afraid to report what happened because I am concerned about retaliation.

What if I witness inappropriate conduct that may be sexual harassment, but not directed toward me?

What if I believe that I’ve been falsely accused of sexual assault?

Does ASU have training and educational programs in place for faculty, staff and students which addresses their rights as a victim and responsibilities for working with victims?

Visa and Immigration

I’ve been a victim of assault, does my immigration status affect my ability to access on-campus resources?

Can I press criminal charges regardless of my immigration status?

Are there specific visa and immigration statuses for victims of crimes?

Is there an office on campus that can provide me additional information?

What is an immigration lawyer and what do they do?

What if I have limited English language proficiency, and need language/documents on this website translated?